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New guyz on the (chopping) block

I had retreived my box of old salt dough creations of a high shelf and felt inspired! forgetting just how stiff my hands would be after 10 minutes of unaccustomed kneading.

First Six of the Baked BrigadeAfter getting to grips with the methods again after all these years,  I managed produced a whole boxful of new items, sore feet (from standing in the kitchen for 5 hours!) and a whole lotta painting to look forward to.
Some initial painting has begun, mainly to try out acrylic paint on the baked dough and to test colour mixes. It took a lot of trials to get a good ginger for these chapz. Still varnishing to look forward to.

Mostly this first baking will be just for testing but I think a few of them, not just gingerbread guyz,  might be good enough for putting in the wee shop.

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