Studying (finished now – September 2018)

And now I’ve graduated, with distinction September 2018!
Affy pleased and keeping up the work so far, moved on to coloured pencils as a preferred medium and thoroughly enjoying the results.


Well – a few years ago I began to study botanical illustration, undertaking the Certificate course held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This went well and a year later I signed up to the Diploma Course, trying the online version as I was scooting about a bit. Still working on this latest course and on this page you may find some of my works, even some works in progress.

watercolour study of variegated holly (Ilex aquifolium)

Watercolour study of variegated holly (Ilex aquifolium). I scoured the locality for a nice twig but it was the wrong time for berries. This one turned out OK though.
Watercolour painting is not my natural habitat. It takes me a long time to work myself into the right frame of mind to paint at all really.  But when I do eventually get going the end result is usually not as dreadful and the process not to terrible as I first thought. Just have to hold my breath and jump…

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