At the moment I am spending a while each day looking for a new job. (job hunting is still on the agenda but lower down the list for a wee while, it can be too blaugghhh!)
For the past couple of months  I have been mainly working on polymer clay items for a craft fair, a draft for a new website and now – miniature food items to put in the planetaye Folksy online shop before the xmas season is over. Oh and I hope to add more of my photographs to soon as I have been looking through the backlog – mibbe even get some printed up, won’t that be nice.

The blog is to be a method for advertising the craft work I attempt but seems to be creeping sideways into other areas. So mainly photys, craft-tings and am I making any headway with an online portfolio? (see below for progress) and whatever else gets in the way of real life. 🙂

Ha! finally managed the portfolio – it can be viewed here…
Portfolio on Planet Aye (