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Picky, picky…

Tomorrow my mouse hand may be out of action. First time use of a litter grabber followed by a burst of unacustomed knitting can do that.

An enthusiatic group met this Sunday forenoon, in the carpark outside Halton Castle, (the castle ruin is in Halton Village, Runcorn, Cheshire). They were met by council workers who handed out bags, gloves and the essential grabbers. The pathway and undergrowth encircling the castle was to be divested the accumulated rubbish. Being new to this I started on a nice flat bit, then progressed to the foot of the rampart. Grabbers will not pull beer bottle tops out of the ground! think that’s mainly what Time Team chaps will be finding in the future.

I folded after an hour of pulling and collecting, lightweight, and my interest in the social snapshot left by the commited litter vandal was on the wain by then. Those more able than myself were still going at it in the gorse, brambles and on the steep slopes. I salute you and am glad that for a wee while I was part of your number.

The knitting was vain attempt to keep the stiffening arms at bay…probably made it worse.

Halton Castle, sunny day in late 2008
Halton Castle, sunny day in late 2008.

1 thought on “Picky, picky…”

  1. Yea!
    Not suffering any after effects from my exertions! Good Oh, but I will finish the knitting (multi coloured jumper in velvety double knit) even without the reason above.

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