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Happy 2011 and hit the SALES!!

OK, hit my sale!
Just finished putting my festive decorative danglies into a sale folder on the lil’ folksy shop. They are all down in price by 45%. If you are really organised then start this years festive season off a few months in advance.
Now I can begin this years makes… lots of drawings so far and a one wee celebration cake to make for the end of the month. I sold out of  the tiny seasonal cakes just before xmas – that was a nice feeling.

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first fruit :: teeny iced xmas cake

Hello mini foodies! my latest creation. They seem to be getting smaller, but the photography is a little better I think.
iced xmas cake 1
iced xmas cake 3 iced xmas cake 2

Ready for winter high tea and sitting on a frilled pale blue doily. Full of currants and cherries, a generous layer of golden marzipan iced with a snowdrift of royal icing. I couldn’t resist cutting myself a slice.
Presented on a wooden board, finished with a wee sprig of holly and a few crumbs left for any passing mousie!

See replicakes of planetaye on folksy.
(please note: all handmade from polymer clay)
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craft fair stall

My first go at a craft fair in nearly 30 years. … never! …surely not! I hear you cry.  No, really, but way back then I was knitting like a wee demon and sewing little felt toys. Somewhere there are photys of my stalls at the Grassmarket (Edinburgh), so I’ll have to dig them out and scan.

But back to yesterday and Great Budworth Craft and Gift fair. Held in the village church, with ‘tables’ neatly constructed over 3 pew backs and 40 odd stall holders it attracted a non-stop flow of interested visitors. A good day and raised a lot of money for the Great Budworth committee.  So here are some photys of my stall and the goodies thereupon.  Many of these will soon be going onto my wee folksy shop – go on, give the photys a click and see the items in detail.

planet aye - Great Budworth Stall 1 planet aye - Great Budworth Stall 2 planet aye - Great Budworth Stall 3 planet aye - Great Budworth Stall 4

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yarrr! m’hearties!

skull 'n' crossbones buttonsHaving missed ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day! I decided  to make up for my lack of ha-harring and walking the plank with…
skull ‘n’ crossbones buttons.
They coulda come right off the threadbare waistcoat o’ Jack Sparrow hisel.

big button = 28mm approx.
wee button = 18mm approx.
(the other one is a fridge magnet)

crafted from polymer clay on a metal button dome and shank

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All Things Lime…a Folksy Friday

Although I spend a lot of time blundering about webby spaces I very rarely know what’s going on. (“That sounds like you” – the audience) I had no idea what a Folksy Friday was until yesterday …a Thumbthing Thursday?
Well I know now ‘cos one of my little handmade products has been included in a Folksy Friday collection. Many thanks to Anna Hamilton-Gunn.
Nip off to the Lime Garden to have a look – the Folksy Friday lime collection

lime buttons - set of 6But what was featured? ah – my set of tiny swirly buttons –  so if you fancy adding a cocktail punch to your usual LBD click off to the planetaye shop.

Caipirinhas all round I think!

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Cardboard City

No, not a nickname given to a certain housing devlopment built in the late sixties/early seventies. Although from a stylistic point of view it might be easy to represent in this medium. These are the results of my late 2009 glue fixation 😉

please note: The folowing was prompted by an accidental viewing of Mister Maker when rescanning the telly for the digital switchover.

Starting with the underpinnings of flattened out book delivery covers, crisp tubes with lids, empty (and so far uneaten) muesli box, chosen because of the roofline,  and for the main building- a good plain box with an opening lid.castle first view
Moving on to the first decorative phase and the application of a good few coats of plain white acrylic over wrinkly tissue paper for the rusticated effect. I liked this look but it was to be a gift for a wee girl  so I kept going.
castle view 2
Finally I settled on yellow after trying beige and pink and added a few wee sparkly bits and greenery. I did remember to add chains for the drawbridge but it didn’t move as well as expected. The surprising thing was how useful craft foam was for roofs, cobbles and grass! The inside of the main building is lined with coloured paper. It opens at the top to house little people or dragons or trebuchet and seige equipment.
Castle - final view
This was not the end though. Having eaten all those crisps there were two wee tubes left. Towers! Little free standing Rapunzel enclosures, the pink one has a lifting off roof/lid the other has a base/lid with a push led light inside. Just poke your finger in the door and press down.
pink tower light tower
p.s. I am a bit off Pringles for the forseeable future!

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a new lease of life…

…for an old box file.

First skin your box file, then cover in last years flowery calendar blagged from your mum.

Peeling off the original red skin revealed a good matt paper base to glue onto and also reminded me just how old the box was, from around the early eighties! It was full of sketches from the job I had in the early nineties, conservatory and swimming pool stuff that I hadn’t looked at for at least three years.  Wee problem is I put all the sketches somewhere safe before beginning and now I cannae lay my hands on them 😦

Any way I think I have enjoyed doing this, but the process does make more of a mess that other things… all those tiny clippings from cutting out have to be gathered up afterwards and I’ve had a glue filled paintbrush in my hair on more than once.

The lid and box edges need to be taped as does the lid fold and the box corners should probably have strengthening three sided corner pieces added. Maybe little pyramids  made from cut up lager cans? or possibly just strong thick paper.

Should the box be varnished as a finishing touch?
I read that decoupage projects need a good few layers, seven?, to make them durable. Since this box will spend most of the time on a shelf  I might make do with just a couple of coats.

What I have to do now is find all my collected scraps from other boxes and envelopes and decant them into this new home. Great!

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beadz_babz_baked1I know I shoulda been busy with other things, but in my defence the dishes got washed, making a space to set up the little fan oven. And once you start these it’s hard to stop, bit like sweeties in many respects. Todays crop yielded black and red beads and the two wee hearts, a pair of earrings in fact. Flowers and dolly mixtures have been waiting for a few days. Think I’ll be making more of these now I have the temperature and timing  sorted.