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Poppy Panorama

This is what you get a year after on a fire burnt demolition site. It used to be an hotel but… anyway I noticed these today and snapped because they’ll not last long. If  I was a bit more adventurous I’d get up closer, the wall is awful high on the return side tho’!

Poppy panorama 1

Poppy Panorama 2

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As I Walked Out…

…one early morning. Not so early and with my coffee and biscuit in one hand and wee camera in the other, and I even had to nip home for a new card and batteries. So please enjoy my hour and a half wander round Castle Hill.

  1. whins (gorse)…mmm that coconut scent
  2. broom with their little bean pod shapes
  3. may blossom (hawthorn) cast yer cloots if you wish!
  4. lilacs, unlucky to have in the house?
  5. field of baby ferns emerging from their dead
  6. english bluebells drooping grcefully behind a wall
  7. fern skeleton and new hawthorn blossom, old meets new
  8. a huge and slightly annoyed bumble bee
  9. buttercups from my front door – yes it’s meant to be a patch of “weeds”!
  10. wild turnip, …really?
  11. baby oak leaves unfurling and looking a soft and shiny

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cymbidium spike

cymbidium orchid flower cymbidium orchid

At last my mother’s orchid has flowered.
We have been watching this dowdy spike of buds for months and another had already died off and been removed without blooming. The plant itself has become rather unbalanced over the years so mibbe this year I will have to be ruthless and divide it then repot.
I read that I do this after flowering so by June/July we might have a plant each, and an empty big pot to fill?

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a new lease of life…

…for an old box file.

First skin your box file, then cover in last years flowery calendar blagged from your mum.

Peeling off the original red skin revealed a good matt paper base to glue onto and also reminded me just how old the box was, from around the early eighties! It was full of sketches from the job I had in the early nineties, conservatory and swimming pool stuff that I hadn’t looked at for at least three years.  Wee problem is I put all the sketches somewhere safe before beginning and now I cannae lay my hands on them 😦

Any way I think I have enjoyed doing this, but the process does make more of a mess that other things… all those tiny clippings from cutting out have to be gathered up afterwards and I’ve had a glue filled paintbrush in my hair on more than once.

The lid and box edges need to be taped as does the lid fold and the box corners should probably have strengthening three sided corner pieces added. Maybe little pyramids  made from cut up lager cans? or possibly just strong thick paper.

Should the box be varnished as a finishing touch?
I read that decoupage projects need a good few layers, seven?, to make them durable. Since this box will spend most of the time on a shelf  I might make do with just a couple of coats.

What I have to do now is find all my collected scraps from other boxes and envelopes and decant them into this new home. Great!

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holiday photys

OK, I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks. Nothing much happening I suppose but I was away for a few days. You may be able to work out where from the pics below? The bumble bee is probably shown a wee bit smaller than life size, he was impressive.
But now it’s back to the usual daily slippers and dressing gown, getting up at 3 in the afternoon, eating crisps and watching Murder She Wrote everyday… 😉

bee300 seaView ceiling palmTree treesParapet shopFront

Can ya tell where it is yet?

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painty lady – floral art

weeRose1weeSunflower1squareDaisy1 Latest occupation has turned out to be… painting, little flowers in acrylics. These above are NOT FINISHED yet.
That’s gonna be difficult, making the last brush stroke, the final fiddle, the definitive dab. And what do I do with them? I feel an online gallery coming on, selling a little part of me might be a wrench but I’ll cope, not selling them may be worse.

The flowers in these paintings are based on my own photographs, oddly I expected to refer much more to the originals but that need seems to wear off once the board or canvas is sufficiently covered in paint. They are taking on a life of their own.