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first fruit :: teeny iced xmas cake

Hello mini foodies! my latest creation. They seem to be getting smaller, but the photography is a little better I think.
iced xmas cake 1
iced xmas cake 3 iced xmas cake 2

Ready for winter high tea and sitting on a frilled pale blue doily. Full of currants and cherries, a generous layer of golden marzipan iced with a snowdrift of royal icing. I couldn’t resist cutting myself a slice.
Presented on a wooden board, finished with a wee sprig of holly and a few crumbs left for any passing mousie!

See replicakes of planetaye on folksy.
(please note: all handmade from polymer clay)
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Another nice day and I remembered to toddle to the top of the hill armed with a plastic box. My objective was a gathering of brambles and sure enough the nice big bush I had already photy’d was still covered with good sized fruit. I soon had at least a punnet full and a hand full of scratches/nettle stings and some purple fingers. Later in the day I decided to turn my hand to jam making instead of scoffing the lot in one go. Although not a great jam eater I am still pretty chuffed with the result – only one small pot but that’ll do fine. mmm…. sticky.

bramble - bramble - jam

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Fresh Out the Oven

My first batch of buttons, polymer clay moulded onto metal covers with a shank at the back. These need a bit of attention to remove little burs and flecks, mibbe polish the white stars/hearts too? (finished size = 22mm diameter)
Having got myself an oven thermometer I discovered today that my little fan oven, kept for craft work, was running about 20°C below the indicated temperature!! This explains the crumbling and snapping of my last set of beads and whatnots (I had blamed some “old” clay). So the moral of the story is, always check – the display could be lying.

Button Set

So here’s the complete collection with the white areas sanded and buffed for a nice shine!
shiny finished buttons

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The Accidental Micky

The Accidental Micky

I must learn to pay more attention when I take photos… look what happens when I just snap away.
OK, he is a wee bit skelly eyed and was  gobbled up in the next few hours, tasted OK for a first attempt in the new cooker. Future cakes will be a bit smaller, less daunting and no crumbs for the birds!

The oyster catchers have returned to Melrose, to the same roofs as last year, heralding spring! On the right is a cute marmot living on his own planet at Chester Zoo. The bubble in the background allows visitors to pop up for a furries eye view.
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Kitchen Aid

Finally achieved a new cooker! and some worktop space in my tiny wee kitchen. So pleased. Now the baking has begun!
I really should have done this years ago, yes, I admit it but I can’t force these things, evolution and all that. I promise to keep going with this project and not to get distracted, much.

a wee cake from the second batch
Wee sponge cake from second batch-yum, yum!