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this mornings creature – II

Speckled Wood butterfly, behaving exactly as described here.
Very fluttery and quick but I stalked them till they sat still for a moment. The male could be chasing another male or a female, either way they make a wee walk more fun., ‘specially the bit where you lean too far over the edge of the path and nearly slide downhill into the undergrowth… eek!

Speckled Wood Butterfly Speckled Wood Butterfly
May Blossom Bluebells

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So I’ve been away

Here a couple of the critters I saw.
I will admit to a bit of a thing about storks, blame Jackanory during the sixties. There always seemed to be cartwheels on the roofs/chimneys of  any european tales, ready for the return of the storks. But I don’t remember the stories, clogs, dykes, and wearing national dress probably.

Stork on nest

This burly chap was happily swimming around a rain swollen inner city river, munching on anything green that floated past. He’s my first otter coypu, squee! Oddly enough some friends a, not on holiday, also saw an otter in their inner city river the same week, theirs had a fish – but I had a camera!

Otter in urban river

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The Accidental Micky

The Accidental Micky

I must learn to pay more attention when I take photos… look what happens when I just snap away.
OK, he is a wee bit skelly eyed and was  gobbled up in the next few hours, tasted OK for a first attempt in the new cooker. Future cakes will be a bit smaller, less daunting and no crumbs for the birds!

The oyster catchers have returned to Melrose, to the same roofs as last year, heralding spring! On the right is a cute marmot living on his own planet at Chester Zoo. The bubble in the background allows visitors to pop up for a furries eye view.