Optimistically, I try out the camera on my phone in panorama mode…

Melrose Abbey

The Commendators House at Melrose Abbey

view over Liverpool from Library Roof Terrace


Been busy making loads of these big fellahs for a wee while now and only recently finished turning some of them into necklaces. A couple are already being worn about town and one has even been away to the Carribean!
So two more are ready now and listed today on the wee folksy shop

Big Bead Necklace in Imperial Pearly Purples Big Bead Necklace in Oranges 'n' Yellows 'n' Reds

Mixed BIG beads

Individual design pens available now from my wee online Folksy shop!
Polymer clay covered, sanded and buffed to a nice shine, all ready for your office, handbag and crossword! 😉

click type pens sticGroup1 sticGroup2

So where on earth did all that time go? Happy new 2013 to one and all!

Went off up the hill this morning to take a photy of  the bleak owing to the dull light and foggy conditions.  Nothing too exciting to see however but found a wee bit of colour and an unexpected primrose. In fact it looks like there will be a super bank of them later on. Cheers!

The Bleak!

Decaying Hips - January

Unexpected Primrose - January

Another sunny day, just as well as the Norton Priory conservation volunteers were all set to play and picnic in the NP Walled Garden. Great food and company 😉


Here we are inhabiting the craft cabinet at the Brindley Arts Centre (www.thebrindley.org.uk). Lots of cute wee things from the fabulous Replic’elfs and planetaye-ayes! Goan have a nosey, we’ll be there for the next few weeks. 😉

A wee sneaky peek at some of the wee, tiny things I’m putting in the craft cabinet at The Brindley this weekend. I’m really pleased how these turned out. 😉

After treating myself to a nice book (100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet) I found it difficult to stop. But I also had to get a wee encyclopedia of crochet  since I’m still a novice with the single needle. I have tied the primroses into a wee posy that sits neatly inside a new Ikea shot glass, the shamrock and thistle are single testers and I did already have some appropriate colours handy. Overall pretty pleased with making flowers and can sit watching telly whilst getting on with a few leaves.
The hinged frame is covered with a set of floral stamps, I really should give it an other coat or two of varnish but one will do for now I think. Patience is not my strong suit when it comes to watching paint dry!

primrosesknitted thistle and shamrockfloral stamp frame
floral stamp frame back

sweet heart Card

Yup, the next card and pressie time of year is nearly upon us so… I though I should make good use of a valentinie replicake photy by turning it into a card.

It is available to buy at Redbubble.

Some of the matching heartshaped cakes are still available in the wee planetaye Folksy shop.

A seasonal selection of festive Folksy’ness, chosen to reflect decoration rather than gifts for ME! (don’t say I never give you anything!)
So lookee here for wee helpers, wintery characters, mini mouthfulls, stars, holly, misletoe, conifers, seasonal sentiments and all the  colours of the xmassie rainbow! …and a wee dog under the misletoe
click a pic to see more on the item!

Santa Gnome

Santa Gnome
"Bumble & Cosmos"

wee green ninja

Green Ninja with Throwing Star


Tree Charms"KarenJoanna 3"


Origami Paper Flower Ball
"Little Green Caravan"


Fir Cone Firelighters

Winter Evergreen Fir Tree Soap

Evergreen Fir Tree Soap
"Fraoch Highland Inspiration "


Fimo Cany Canes
"Vintage & Original"

Fused glass snowflake

Fused glass snowflake
"Caro Fusion"

O'Cruel is the snow that sweeps Glencoe

O'Cruel Is The Snow That Sweeps Glencoe "Hole in My Pocket"


Reversible Lavender Robin

Geometric Paper

Geometric Paper"
Hand printed by David"


Snowman Cake Topper
"Amys Clay Critters"

santa and rudolph ring

Santa and Rudolph Ring

Edith the Festive 'Dave'

Edith the Festive 'Dave'


Copper Star Decoration
"The Owl and the Pussycat"


Christmas Holly Wreath
"Diomo Glass"

Misletoe Mutt

Misletoe Mutt


Nick the Santa Snail
"The Snail Emporium"

planetaye @ redbubble

Buy my art
Buy my art

planetaye @ Flickr



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