Christmas Is Coming! – from Folksy

A seasonal selection of festive Folksy’ness, chosen to reflect decoration rather than gifts for ME! (don’t say I never give you anything!)
So lookee here for wee helpers, wintery characters, mini mouthfulls, stars, holly, misletoe, conifers, seasonal sentiments and all the  colours of the xmassie rainbow! …and a wee dog under the misletoe
click a pic to see more on the item!

Santa Gnome
Santa Gnome
"Bumble & Cosmos"
wee green ninja
Green Ninja with Throwing Star
Tree Charms"KarenJoanna 3"
Origami Paper Flower Ball
"Little Green Caravan"
Fir Cone Firelighters
Winter Evergreen Fir Tree Soap
Evergreen Fir Tree Soap
"Fraoch Highland Inspiration "
Fimo Cany Canes
"Vintage & Original"
Fused glass snowflake
Fused glass snowflake
"Caro Fusion"
O'Cruel is the snow that sweeps Glencoe
O'Cruel Is The Snow That Sweeps Glencoe "Hole in My Pocket"
Reversible Lavender Robin
Geometric Paper
Geometric Paper"
Hand printed by David"
Snowman Cake Topper
"Amys Clay Critters"
santa and rudolph ring
Santa and Rudolph Ring
Edith the Festive 'Dave'
Edith the Festive 'Dave'
Copper Star Decoration
"The Owl and the Pussycat"
Christmas Holly Wreath
"Diomo Glass"
Misletoe Mutt
Misletoe Mutt
Nick the Santa Snail
"The Snail Emporium"

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