Crafts, decoupage, recycle

a new lease of life…

…for an old box file.

First skin your box file, then cover in last years flowery calendar blagged from your mum.

Peeling off the original red skin revealed a good matt paper base to glue onto and also reminded me just how old the box was, from around the early eighties! It was full of sketches from the job I had in the early nineties, conservatory and swimming pool stuff that I hadn’t looked at for at least three years.  Wee problem is I put all the sketches somewhere safe before beginning and now I cannae lay my hands on them 😦

Any way I think I have enjoyed doing this, but the process does make more of a mess that other things… all those tiny clippings from cutting out have to be gathered up afterwards and I’ve had a glue filled paintbrush in my hair on more than once.

The lid and box edges need to be taped as does the lid fold and the box corners should probably have strengthening three sided corner pieces added. Maybe little pyramids  made from cut up lager cans? or possibly just strong thick paper.

Should the box be varnished as a finishing touch?
I read that decoupage projects need a good few layers, seven?, to make them durable. Since this box will spend most of the time on a shelf  I might make do with just a couple of coats.

What I have to do now is find all my collected scraps from other boxes and envelopes and decant them into this new home. Great!

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