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Sing Sing for Jeff Hill Band!

Spot the the differences?

I ordered a re-issue of  the Jeff Hill Band single (“Somethings Wrong With My Baby” b/w “Whatever She Wanted” December 20, 1979) from Sing Sing Records and lo! it arrived across the Atlantic in a matter of days, and for a very reasonable price too! Thirty years old, Oh for goodsness sake!

So, it sounds good, although playing it proved a wee bit tricky. Yup!… the biggest difference is the hole.
Has this always been the case for US singles? I don’t have any imports to compare with. Anyway, after scuffling in the garage an insert was produced and the dancing commenced.
The other main difference is the re-issue sleeve opening is now at the top. Yes, I did spend a few moments being puzzzled by this, or at least my fingers did.

Looks like I live in a grey and slightly sepia wurld doesn’t it?

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